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Timetable and Dates...

To view the timetable for the Summer/Show Term, please click here

To view the timetable for the Autumn Term 2024, please click here

Our upcoming term dates are as follows.

Please note - We are not open on bank holidays, 

Summer Term 2024 = Monday 15th April - Saturday 20th July (13 week term)

Half term =  Monday 27th May - Sunday 2nd June. 

Bank Holiday - Monday 6th May

Summer Show 2024 = Sunday 21st - Saturday 27th July 

Autumn Term 2024 = Monday 9th September - Saturday 14th December.

Half term = Monday 21st October - Sunday 3rd November

Spring Term 2025 = Monday 6th January - Saturday 5th April

Half term = Monday 17th February - Sunday 23rd February.

Bank Holiday - Monday 21st August

Summer Term 2025 = Tuesday 22nd April - Saturday 19th July

Half term =  Monday 26th May - Sunday 1st June. 

Bank Holiday - Monday 5th May

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