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£5 hire fee per dress + £10 deposit, which is refundable where there is no damage to the garment.

Discount available for hire of more than 10 dresses.

Please note, all ages given are approximate.

25 pink and white spotted dresses with white sash and bow, suitable for ages 4-6


14 gingham pinafore dresses with red bows, suitable for ages 6-8


18 blue pinafore dresses with white apron and short sleeves, suitable for ages 5-7


3 plain and 8 with colourful bows, red tutus, suitable for ages 9-11

9 black bodice into blue skirt dresses with apron, suitable for ages 10-12

12 lyrical dresses – 4 of pink, blue, yellow and green top/blue skirt, suitable for ages 10-12

14 colourful 60’s mini dresses, suitable for ages 8-10

22 Spanish-style dresses in red and black, suitable for ages 10-13

13 black with white spots halter neck dresses, pink trim, suitable for ages 10-12

14 cross-over red/brown sleeveless ballet dresses, suitable for ages 14-18

14 black ‘Audrey Hepburn’ ballet dresses, suitable for ages 14-18

Senior Ballet.jpg

20 senior Ballet dresses with built in leotard in red, blue and green with jewel bodice - at least 6 in each colour

La La Land.jpg

22 senior ‘La La Land’ sleeveless, above the knee, dresses in red, yellow, green and blue with black waist trim and crystals around neckline - at least 5 in each colour

8 red ballet dresses with full skirts, suitable for ages 14-18

Set of blue satin-look ballet dresses – 9 dark, 3 mid and 1 pale blue, suitable for ages 14-18

9 ‘Vivienne Westwood’ style dresses, suitable for ages 13-16

Fire in the South.jpg

17 short red Chinese style dresses with gold embroidery on right shoulder, suitable for ages 8-11 - red shorts to wear underneath are also available

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